Another Way Forward: Grassroots Solutions from New Mexico (Paperback)

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Another Way Forward: Grassroots Solutions from New Mexico offers hope to anyone discouraged by the nation's inability to tackle problems like poverty and health care. Award-winning author and former Senator Dede Feldman profiles innovative organizations and inspiring local leaders who are changing the world in New Mexico, one neighborhood, one clinic, one classroom at a time. She shows us what they have in common and how we can join in to make a difference from the bottom up. Feldman's alternative path to community and economic development leads through food hubs, land trusts, fire departments, outdoor classrooms, and immersive art experiences. Along the way the reader meets asparagus farmers, EMTs, neighborhood hellraisers, radical teachers, health care reformers and social entrepreneurs. Together, these resourceful citizens are drawing a roadmap to permanent jobs and healthy communities, something that often eludes national and state officials.

It "illustrates the capacity of social entrepreneurs to tackle tough problems -- with modest resources but ample creativity and determination. The solutions emerging across New Mexico have lessons to teach at the local and global levels. For anyone who seeks to build a better world starting from where they live, this book provides excellent guidance and inspiration."--David Bornstein, author, How to Change the World and co-founder, Solutions Journalism Network

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ISBN: 9780999586402
ISBN-10: 0999586408
Publisher: Dede Feldman Co.
Publication Date: November 20th, 2017
Pages: 248
Language: English