When Knights Were Bold. (1911) by Eva March Tappan (Illustrated) (Paperback)

When Knights Were Bold. (1911) by Eva March Tappan (Illustrated) Cover Image
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books give you the best possible editions of novels, including all the original illustrations, useful and informative introductions Spirited and interesting picture of life in castles and manors, monasteries and towns during the Middle Ages. The description of the customs of knights is especially full. Chapter titles include Page, Squire, and Knight; The Knight's Arms and Armor; Jousts and Tournaments; How to Capture a Castle; Daily Life in a Castle; Life on a Manor; Pilgrimages and Crusades; Military Orders, Monks, and Monasteries; Hermits, Friars, and Missionaries; Life in Town; Merchant Gilds and Craft Gilds; How Goods Were Sold; Schools and Literature; Science and Medicine; and Architecture and the Arts.

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