DEMONCRATS and Their Liberal Sheep (Paperback)

DEMONCRATS and Their Liberal Sheep By Average Joe American Cover Image
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Demoncrats (aka Liberal Democrat politicians) rely on their voting base to be non-thinking sheep who cast ballets based on bullet points not rooted in fact. Demoncrats count on you to play the victim and think you can't make it in America without them. They over-promise and under-deliver to their sheep every two and four years and the sheep bite it hook, line, and sinker - EVERY TIME. If you want to delve into some current and sometimes inflammatory topics people usually shy away from, then read this book. If you want to gain your own insight on these topics, then read this book. At the very least I can assure you there are no "woke" comments in this book. Who knows, you might save yourself, or someone else, from being a sheep. My name is Average Joe American and I'm a God-fearing dedicated husband and father who loves America and the opportunities it's given me and my family. From humble rural beginnings to finding comfortable success, I'm grateful for every moment in this wonderful country. I've always been politically aware but grew fatigued of bullet point sheep voters and liberal elites who spout off mindless rhetoric with little knowledge or regard for the truth or facts. As the "woke" cancel culture began consuming people and, as a result of the numerous liberal sheep voters I've debated throughout my life, this book was born.

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ISBN: 9781662849770
ISBN-10: 166284977X
Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date: June 27th, 2022
Pages: 102
Language: English