Grasping Smoke: A Cade Taylor Novel (Paperback)

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Cade Taylor returns from Michael Hearns' debut novel "Trust No One." It is six months later and life isn't any easier for undercover vice narcotics detective Cade Taylor. A failed marriage, faltering relationships and the constant danger of being undercover in Miami has him feeling spiritless and alone. Assigned to a DEA task force, he is tasked with supporting another federal agency and finds himself on the verge of burning out.

But it's the betrayals Cade can't see that pose the greatest threats.

He is a man seemingly without direction. Cade slowly becomes reconstructed as he helps a novice homicide detective challenged by a series of connected murders. Cade's lonely wanderings of Miami's grittier streets and neon lit hotspots suddenly has investigative purpose as he risks all he has left in him to uncover the truth-a labyrinth of misdirection, false promise, and sinister individuals that thrive in the darkened shadows cast by Miami's towering buildings and tall palm trees. He can see what is before him but it is all so elusive, just like grasping smoke. He must weave amongst the cloaked agendas of those around him hidden in the dark-but can he navigate what lies beyond his own darkness?

About the Author

Michael Hearns is a Miami native and a former 27-year veteran South Florida police officer and detective. He spent a decade of those years undercover investigating large scale cocaine trafficking and high volume money laundering cases. He is cross designated with multiple police and federal agencies and he is a DEA instructor. He holds a Master's Degree in Investigative Criminal Psychology and he has worked and consulted on multiple serial offender homicide cases. Since his retirement, his experience and knowledge have been valued as a technical advisor for motion pictures and television. He and his wife, Ricki, enjoy discovering sandbars with drinks in hand as they chase the sun. His 2020 debut novel "Trust No One" garnered worldwide praise and acceptance and can be purchased through most book retailers.

Praise For…

“With a veteran street cop’s eye for detail and an ear for dialog, Michael Hearns takes Mark Twain’s admonition to ‘write what you know’ to heart as he sends undercover detective Cade Taylor back onto the streets of Miami, a sunny place for shady people brimming with international intrigue and cunning lowlifes.”

~ Alfred Spellman, producer “Cocaine Cowboys”

"Michael Hearns has given his readers an authentic, spell binding, action packed powerhouse of a story centered on the exploits of Cade Taylor, a well-drawn character. Taylor is a sexy, sensitive, but tough undercover cop. Hearns has his readers riding the streets of Miami Dade County with Cade as he pursues a trained assassin. The story starts and ends with a heart pounding bang. A must read for those who enjoy excitement on every page."

~ Gail Gregg, former chairperson of American Literature at Florida International University

“Michael Hearns’ second novel brings speed and violence of action throughout the pages. Hearns threads a beautiful tapestry of the seedy aspects of 1998 Miami as undercover Vice Intelligence and Narcotics (VIN) Detective Cade Taylor tries to solve a dangerous case. Cade Taylor careens upon a high speed investigation that morphs into something far more sinister with each new dead body that appears on the streets of Miami. Michael Hearns has created a wildly entertaining authentic read. In “Grasping Smoke” we find Cade Taylor six months post Hearns’ debut novel “Trust No One.” We watch Cade grapple with what his future, and how the harsh uncertainty of the VIN lifestyle wreaks havoc upon him. This is a gripping and gritty novel that will take the reader on one wild read that is not to be missed!

~ Sarah Walton, “Best Thriller Books”

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ISBN: 9781734407549
ISBN-10: 1734407549
Publisher: Beati Bellicosi
Publication Date: May 25th, 2021
Pages: 368
Language: English