Twenty Nothing To Twenty Something (Paperback)

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No one wants to be average; the reality is, most people are. The question is, are you?

The difference between the average and the flourishing is simple - discipline, consistency, life principles and action. These principles will enable you to turn the invisible to visible that will result in success and fulfilment in your life.

Learning to implement life principles that connect and align you with yourself will drive you to operate outside your comfort zone to keep progressing.

Rumour has it that your 30s are your new 20s; but our brain cells, bones and science would disagree. Many of life's defining moments happen in your 20s; the character and habits you build in that decade will help you navigate your way through the maze of life. The earlier you start, the more chances you have at getting it right.

As 20-somethings, we need to be young with a plan. We are fond of living life in the moment, always thinking that tomorrow is promised... but tomorrow never comes because we are constantly postponing things until tomorrow or Monday. Remember, time cannot be borrowed and you don't know when your time will be up. We cannot own time; it is a true saying that it waits for no-one.

This book will guide you with six short life principles on how to thrive in your 20s, starting on how to work on yourself from the inside out.

Propelling yourself from twenty nothing to twenty something requires a critical assessment to identify if you're a sinker, a floater or a swimmer. The sinkers will repeat negative patterns and cycles, they have an excuse for everything; the floaters are the average people we meet day-to-day, just floating through life like everyone else with no real purpose or end goal; the swimmers have an action plan, a purpose and they know where they are going in life. They are the executers and the doers.

Who do you want to be?

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ISBN: 9781839756696
ISBN-10: 1839756691
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Publication Date: December 16th, 2021
Pages: 90
Language: English