Fuck This: Permission Granted to Own Your Story (Hardcover)

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Justine Evirs has been labeled all her life: Biracial. Bisexual. Rape survivor. Recovering binge-eater and alcoholic. Mother. Wife. Military veteran. But she refused to let any of them define her.

With a rawness that few writers can match, Evirs narrates her tumultuous life while also providing a safe space and encouragement for readers to acknowledge and overcome their own obstacles. With each chapter, readers will observe Evirs destroy the invisible shackles and generational trauma that held her down. They will also gain an ally and a friend, for the author shares the darkest sides of herself in the hope that readers will feel empowered to ask for help sooner than they otherwise would have.

As Nikki James Zellner, author of Capture Your Story: A Driven Woman's Guide to Creating Content That Matters, said: "F*ck This ... should be required reading for anyone struggling to define who they were and who they can be.

About the Author

Justine Evirs is a business consultant, Stanford University Graduate School of Business alum, and Navy veteran. She teaches women executives and entrepreneurs how to create consistent revenue models and business plans. Her authentic leadership style -- paired with her passion for building psychologically safe, inclusive environments -- are the secrets to the energetic and high-powered teams she builds and leads. As the owner and creator of the signature twelve-week programs Courage to Create and Courage to Lead, she teaches leaders to trust their instincts in creating values-based organizations and solutions to worldwide social problems. As the Founder of The Paradigm Switch, she helped to raise more than $500,000 in donations and led more than forty volunteers. She also flexed her grassroots community organizing and nonprofit leadership skills during a three-year tenure at Bunker Labs, a nonprofit that helps veterans and military spouses start businesses. She is a frequent speaker and podcast guest, and is the mother of three children. She lives in Burke, VA.

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ISBN: 9781955026093
ISBN-10: 1955026092
Publisher: Ballast Books
Publication Date: May 31st, 2022
Pages: 215
Language: English