Morpho Didius (Hardcover)

Morpho Didius By Rachel Prizant Kotok Cover Image
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Morpho Didius is an extraordinary collection of palindromic poetry, where each piece is a linguistic marvel, reading the same forwards and backwards. The title of the book draws inspiration for transformation and reflects the mirrored language inside of each palindrome.

Central to this collection is the personal journey of the poet who has used palindromic form as a a path to liberation from a traumatic childhood event-entrapment by an adult stranger. In a paradox of constrained writing, Kotok finds liberation, crafting each palindrome as a step towards emotional and psychological freedom.

The themes of the poems are vast and intimate, covering personal and historical survival, feminism, sex, hope, abundant joy, and healing. These poems surpass linguistic acrobatics; they are an offering of transformation, an alchemizing of pain through the healing power of art.

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ISBN: 9798985773828
Publisher: Armature Publishing
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2024
Pages: 76
Language: English