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At the peak of Justine Moore Sloan’s fitness career, she appeared to have it all— two million followers on social media, chiseled abs, lucrative brand endorsements, and endless praise and validation. But behind the meticulously-polished exterior was an anxious, tormented, and painfully insecure young woman desperately longing for true love and acceptance.

In this candidly-written memoir, Sloan chronicles her journey from being the “fat kid,” teased in grade school, to being an internationally acclaimed fitness model, fueled by a deep-rooted sense of inadequacy.

Sloan takes a sledgehammer to the societal pressures we put on girls and women to look perfect— and teaches you how to burn the rule book and reclaim your power. Her story illuminates how to ultimately love and respect your body and yourself in a way that says, “someone I love lives here.”

About the Author

Justine Moore Sloan is a Transformational Coach, speaker, and the Co-Founder of Boss Ladies MKE. She believes her soul purpose is to help women feel empowered in their bodies— and in every area of their lives! She coaches women one-on-one, and also through her online membership, Empowered 365. Justine loves to travel, but her home base is Milwaukee, where she lives with her husband and soulmate, Scott.
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Book Review:

"Raw, brutally honest, funny, and powerful. Someone I Love Lives Here should be on every woman's bookshelf." -- Lori Harder, Founder of Lite Pink and Best-Selling Author of “A Tribe Called Bliss”

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ISBN-13: 9781662908903
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021