Local Author Consignment Information

We are temporarily not accepting self-published works and will post when this changes.  Thank you.

River Road Books is a small and very carefully curated store. We take pride in our careful decision-making when it comes to the selection of books that fill our shelves. 

Technology has made publishing easier, often without traditional professional editing, proofreading, and evaluation of marketing and distribution.  Consequently, the number of books we are asked to review continues to rise dramatically.  No bookstore can carry every published title, whether from a major publisher's list or self published by a local author.  And because of the volume of submissions we get, we do limit how many new books we will accept in any given season, the same as we do when buying from the big publishers.
Many factors influence our decisions on whether to carry a title including subject, production quality, retail price and terms, as well as our judgment of the writing and editing and a local author's personal plan for marketing.  A professional cover design and page layout are essential.  In most cases, books must have a UPC code, ISBN and spine with author and title.  Books that look and feel like those from larger publishers are always more seriously considered.  
After reviewing these factors, we also  take into account whether the book will sell to our customers, whose tastes we know from years of experience buying and selling books.  While we are not saying this is the case with your book, many of the books we are asked to try to sell are overpriced compared to similar books, the content is of very limited interest, or a lack of editing or proofreading is obvious.
We advise our local authors to fill out this form and deliver a copy of the book to River Road Books.  We will review your book and respond via email.  Please include a self-addressed/stamped padded envelope for the return of your sample copy.  Samples delivered without return postage will be donated or destroyed.  
The best picture we can get of your book and your marketing plan is from you.  Now your focus shifts from that of creative writer to business person wearing all the hats that any small business person does, including advertising, marketing, sales rep, distribution, merchandising, and accounting.
Contract Information to consider, should we accept your book:
1.  There will be a $25 Shelving Fee.
2.  Terms are 60% to seller and 40% to RRBKS.
3.  Accepted consignment titles will be put on our shelves on or around the first of the month.
4.  Books will be carried for 90 days--after that time a decision will be made whether we will contine to carry the title or will return it.  
5.  Marketing and individual promotion of titles is the responsibility of the author.